Nars x Erdem – Product Review


From my previous post you saw I got a chance to play around with the new Nars x Erdem collection at the boutique in Kings Road, Chelsea. So after picking up a few pieces and getting a ton of advice from the Global Artistry Director of Nars I cannot wait to try out these products for myself.



First things first… Can we just talk about the packaging. Even the carrier bag has been designed by Erdem. The attention to detail is incredible. But not only the outside of the boxes are beautiful but the components are a work of art. Shying away from the classic black that Nars are known for Erdem has used the custom blue that he has created.



So the first product that I had to grab was the Lip Powder Palette. Yes you heard right Lip Powder. I was instantly drawn to it because it is something new that you don’t see everyday. But I am sure a lot of brands will be jumping on the band wagon now that Nars  has created a truly amazing  product.



So with the palette you get 4 powders, 1 balm and a lip brush to apply. I am absolutely in love with this product. The balm on its own is stunning in its own right. Each powder is pack with pigment so you get a stunning bold look. However is it practical probably not having to re apply powders is not as easy as swiping a lipstick but I love the colours and the matte effect you can achieve from this.



So if Lip Powders are a step to extreme for you then I would stick to a classic lipstick. Now after being inspired to step out of box and try something new I have picked a shade that I wouldn’t normally pick but the colour in the component looks a lot scary than applied. The shade I went for is Larkspur which is a Sheer Orchid but on the lips in almost transforms in to a lovely berry shade. The one thing I have to note is the formulas are brand new compared to the classic lipstick from Nars but they are just a creamy and feels very hydrating mainly due to the blend of conditioners and antioxidants packed into this lipstick.



The next thing I wanted to try was the blush. I’ve recently bought the Wanted palette and absolutely loved it so was interested to see the colours. The collaboration has come out with 2 shades Loves Me and Loves Me Not. I got the Loves Me shade as I am all for the pigmented shades. Don’t get me wrong Loves Me Not is a beautiful pale pink shade but this colour is everything. Especially for darker skin tones it shows beautifully.



The last thing I picked up was the highlighting pencil which is again something a bit different to what I am used to using as I usually stick to cream or powder highlight but in a pencil form works amazingly plus it a great multi use product. I have used it as an eyeshadow base as well as highlighting.

 Overall this collection is a big win for me and I would advice you to snap up these pieces quick as they are seriously limited.


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