Back to Writing…

During this time in lockdown I though I would be productive and start back writing again. I think life just got so busy and overwhelming that this lockdown came at the right time for me as it really gave me an opportunity to take a moment to pause and really reflect. Looking after yourself should be a priority in everyones life and not just physically but mentally as well. So getting back into what I love to do which is writing for my blog, trying out products and exploring the world of beauty.

That being said I thought I would breakdown my new skincare routine highlighting some of my favourite products that I have discovered and why I like them so much. I am also going to look for alternative products as I am aware some of the things I love are from the luxury skincare market and not everyone wants to pay a lot of money on it.

So I am going to try and get a weekly post up of all my top tips for you to read but make sure you all follow me on instagram @style_hunters_uk where I we be adding more tips and product reviews to my page.


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