Hyaluronic Acids

I think at the moment my favourite skincare ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. It is the savour for dry dehydrated skin because its main function is to retain water which helps to keep your skin hydrated and in turn helps dry skin. Our skin actually produces hyaluronic acid naturally but as we age the level we produce decreases. Thats why it super helpful to top these up using products that contain it. Not only does hyaluronic acid help with dryness but it can also help with dullness, fine lines and uneven tones and textures in the skin so it is an all round power product.

You can buy a multitude of products that all contain hyaluronic acid from cleansers to moisturisers  that will all help support your skin but I find using a serum the most effective way to help give my skin that extra boost. A serum is a product that basically contains high concentration of active ingredients that you can apply to your skin after you have cleansed. They are normally made up of  very small molecules which allows the ingredients to penetrate into your skin easier than say a moisturiser. 

At the moment my go to serum has to be the Dr Sebagh Serum Repair (£69 Space NK). It is hands down my favourite serum I have ever used. Even after a couple of uses you start to notice a difference. You don’t need much at all just one of drops each morning after you have cleansed will do the job. So a little will go a long way. The main reason why I love it is that it contains 60% pure hyaluronic acid along with an anti ageing collagen peptide so it really does do your skin a world of good. I would then follow up with a good moisturiser to finish off.

I know it is a bit pricey so another brand the does amazing products is The Ordinary. They really specialise in active ingredient products so they are a great alternative. They have an hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 for £5.90 which is incredible value for money. Plus you are getting the added vitamin B5 which also helps with surface hydration. Because it contains a lower percentage of hyaluronic acid it doesn’t show results immediately however over time you do see the improvements in your skin.

With serums there are so many brands out there and I think the main thing to look out for is the percentage mix of hyaluronic acid out there. Something may be expensive but it may not have a high percentage and may be mix with other active ingredients that you may not want or need. So it is super important to do you research and check what is in your products.


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