Huda Beauty – Faux Filter Foundation Review


There has been so many foundation launches this year that I have landed up with a handful of favourites that I can use for different occasions and climates. But as soon as I heard Huda Beauty was launching a foundation I knew that I had to try it no matter what. So Friday 13th came and it was very lucky for some as the new Faux Filter Foundation launched around the world. So I was very tempted to order online but looking at the shade guide I wasn’t 100% sure I would match my colour correctly even though Huda Beauty did produce a shade comparison guide on there website.

Huda Beauty Shade Guide


So I risked it and waited for my day off to make it down to Harrods to get shade matched in store and I am so glad that I did as I think I would of picked the wrong shade. Even though the shade guide is good if you can get to store then do it. It is worth noting that the foundation oxidises slightly when applied so don’t go too dark a shade compared to your skin tone.

I didn’t try the Faux Filter primer with it I used the Hourglass Veil Primer and followed my normal skincare routine prior to application. A little goes a long way with this foundation as one pump covered my entire face. This foundation is full coverage and you do not need to use any more than one pump. Also good to note that you do not need to use setting powder with this foundation however after hearing a lot of reviews that the foundations looks better when set with powder I lightly dusted over my face with Guerlain Les Voilettes. Below is what the foundation looks like just after application.


So I am totally hooked on this product my skin looks brighter and my complexion looks flawless (even though there are a few sneaky flaws). I literally do need a filter for my pictures today. Even though it is a full coverage foundation it doesn’t feel heavy wearing it. During the day I checked up on my makeup after lunch and the only thing that I needed to touch up on was my lipstick. Below is a picture after wearing Faux Filter for 9 hours and it is still going strong.


Wearing Faux Filter Foundation in Toffee 420G.

I must say I love Faux Filter Foundation by Huda Beauty and I can’t wait for the next product to come out. I’m officially a Huda Addict!!!

Available from and Cult Beauty for £32 for 35ml


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