September beauty picks… The Desert Dusk Palette


Well it seems like forever since I managed to sit down and just have time to write but for the rest of the year I am going to make a real effort to be inspired and write about all my favourite things. I normally write about fashion and that is what I love to do but this post is going to be a little different. As some people may know I do love Beauty and Makeup and I really want to expand my knowledge in this area. I would say I’m more of a beauty connoisseur and my collection has rapidly grown. As I am still in the learning stages I am going to just write reviews and my thoughts on products but as I gain more knowledge and skills a few videos may pop up which is my goal for 2018. So I’m super excited to start my very first beauty review blog for my September picks….

So if you don’t know who Huda Kattan in the makeup world she is the aspiration level of many Beauty Bloggers. She went from a makeup artist to the No. 1 beauty blog in the Middle East to building her beauty empire “Huda Beauty” who just successful launch worldwide a brand new eyeshadow palette… Behold the Desert Dusk Palette. As a newbie in the beauty world palettes can be scary as it could just look like a sea of colours but the team at Huda got this palette so right. It has a great mix of colours and textures so you can really create your inner desert princess look.


So what do you get for the price? Well the price tag is a little pricey at £56 but with that you get 18 shades, 25.2g  (If you do that maths that is £3.11 per colour… Not bad when you look at it that way).

The palette includes 8 Matte shades which are highly pigmented which range from soft sandy nude tones to vibrant purple.

  • Blazing, Saffron, Amethyst, Oud, Amber, Eden, Musk, Desert Sand

6 Pressed Pearls shades in plum, bronze and rose hues.

  • Turkish Delight, Angelic, Cashmere, Royal, Nefertiti, Blood Moon

3 Duo – Chrome Toppers (Best applied with fingers)

  • Retrograde, Twilight, Celestial

1 Pure Glitter.

  • Cosmo – Which I am in love with!!!!

FullSizeRender 6

So would I recommend this palette? I really do love it. Yes the price is quite high but you are getting 18 shades in beautiful packaging (mirror included in palette) in different textures. I think the best thing about this palette is the versatility of the end use you can use as little or as many as you want. I think if you are out to create truly unique looks that you don’t find that often in palettes and the Duo – Chrome toppers are truly amazing. So if you like to experiment with colours I would definitely purchase this. Available at Selfridges, Harrods and Cult Beauty.

Keep an eye out on my instagram @style_hunters_uk for updates and pictures. Hope you enjoyed this little review and please comment or message if you have any products that you would like me to review.


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