Time for change….


So I feel like I have had a bit of a revelation this year. I have just decided that this will be my year in all ways. Life is really changing before me and it is because I am making it happen. One of my resolutions this year was that I wanted to explore the world and I have really made a start on that. In January I got the opportunity to go back to my hometown of New York, USA with my mother which was such an amazing experience to spend time with family and to get some serious retail therapy in (My credit card was not happy with me). But now I am starting to explore new places which leads to my holiday to the beautiful Monte Carlo.


Everything about this tiny Country is just magnificent with views from every inch. Monaco has always been a place that I wanted to visit with such a rich history. It is also one of the rich countries in the world with the most millionaires and billionaires living there. So it truly is a breathtaking place filled with yachts, fast cars and expensive things.


So picking outfits for this holiday was definitely going to be a challenge. How to look glam, stylish and rich on a budget was the main goal. I think I managed to fit in. A carefully selected dress wardrobe was definitely needed to look glam but still feeling comfortable while exploring. So this Fat Face Paige Vintage Flora dress is an absolute no brainer. The midi length makes it perfect for the taller woman like myself so you don’t feel like you are wearing practically nothing. The main thing is to make sure you pay attention to your accessories. A good pair of sunglasses, A good hat and bag will definitely make your outfit. I am in love with Quay Australia sunglasses and the are my go to brand. Its also good to get a neutral based hat that you could wear with anything and that will protect you from the sun.


I went with this wide brim black and beige hat from Whistles. It is also reduced down from £50 to £25 now so it is really a great buy if your planning a trip somewhere in the sun. Also it is key to have a great little bag that you can take from day to night. This one from LK Bennett was a perfect choice that great pop of colour to jazz up any outfit.

So I have now really going the travel bug and can’t wait for my next adventure…. Tomorrow it is Ibiza time for a girlie weekend away. The holidays just keep on coming….


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