Growing old… Gracefully

Well another year has flown by and I’m one step closer to the big thirty. Where has the time gone? So I thought it would be a great opportunity to share the changes I’ve made in my skincare to really take the positive steps to remain youthful. When I was younger I always used to laugh at the pots and potions that you see advertise in the magazines. I never fully understood the value of good skincare until this time last year. I suffer with atopic eczema so my skin has never been that great but after a lengthy stay in hospital back last year my skin and my confidence was at an all time low. So fast forward one year and so much has changed in my life and I can truly say that life has blessed me. I am at the stage now where not only is my health improving but my happiness is too. So after the struggles with my skin I really started to do my research and look for ways to improve my skin after years of using steroid creams to battle eczema. My skin was looking dull and aged and that is not a cute look for someone who had turned 28. Now I must say that this journey has not been cheap for me and I do love a luxury product so this is something that worked for me and throughout my skin care post that I will be doing I will be trying to find some alternative products that are at the lower and mid end of the spectrum so that you can really find something within. My one piece of advice that I can give to anyone who is interested in changing up your skin care routine is that this is process that takes time and can be very trial and error but once you find the right combination the youthful glow will shine through. So that being said I am so happy to be back writing and keep posted for my first post on my skincare journey.


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