Nars – Aqua Infused Makeup Removing Water

For me using a makeup wipe is just not going to work for me. I find them harsh on my skin as most of them are just full of chemicals. They really don’t clean deep down for me and just cleans a top layer. So that is why I have always been a fan of cleansing waters but now I have discovered Nars Aqua Infused Makeup Removing Water and I am in love.  Not only does it remove your makeup (even waterproof mascara) but it hydrates and puts moisture back into your skin. So this is perfect if like me you have dry skin you are giving yourself an added layer of moisture.

All you need is a couple of drops on to a cotton pad and just massage. Your makeup will lift off easily and your face feels refreshed after. You can purchase the Aqua Infused Makeup Removing Water from Space NK and it is £20 for 200ml.

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