Huda Beauty – Gemstone Obsession

So I recently purchased the Huda Beauty Coral Obsession palette and fell in love with it instantly so I thought I would pick up the Gemstone Obsession palette to see if it lives up to the other one. Click below to read the previous post.

Huda Beauty – Coral Obsession

This palette is great if you like a bit of sparkle… I mean a lot of sparkle. You literally get a palette with nine pigmented packed powders with a shimmering, foil-effect texture in a spectrum of colours ranging from rubies to emeralds. The one thing I really like about this palette is that the options are endless. Granted there are no matte colours or transitional shades but I have plenty of palettes that have colours in that I can use for that. But for pure shimmer it is perfect. You can use your fingers to apply this but I chose to go for a brush which I sprayed with Fix+.

Overall I am a huge fan of the Gemstone palette and if you like your shimmer shade and a bit of sparkle then this is definitely a palette for you. You can purchase the Huda Beauty Gemstone Palette from Cult Beauty for £25.

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