Whats new….

It has really been a minute since I have sat down and wrote on the blog. So I am back inspired and decided to write again. I don't know why it has taken me so long as I have had all the time on my hands since I have been in lockdown since end of … Continue reading Whats new….

Real Techniques – Powder Bleu Collection

  I am a very big believer that the tools that you use make a huge difference in the finish of your makeup. You can buy the most expensive makeup in the world but if you don’t have the right tools it is never going to look flawless. So I am always on the look … Continue reading Real Techniques – Powder Bleu Collection

The easy update…. Statement Necklaces 

So you might have the perfect dress in your wardrobe already for your spring weddings but just want to update your look slightly. Never fear the solution to your problems is the statement necklace. This is such an easy an inexpensive way to update an old look into something fresh and stylish. Over the season we have always … Continue reading The easy update…. Statement Necklaces