Trinny London


If you are anything like me your handbag seems to get heavier and heavier everyday when you are trying to rush around in the morning. There is never enough time to get ready and what normally happens is you pick out whatever you can get your hands on chuck it in the handbag and hope for the best. Well fear not as I have found a brand that will change your life forever!


The brand in question… Trinny London. This is the brand created by the style queen herself Trinny Woodall and it is fabulous. So basically instead of having all these different products and palettes that are floating in your bag you have pots. These pots you then stack up so have a pot of say 5 different things and that will do your entire face and its takes up minimum space. Perfect for those who travel or is just simply on the go.



So as you can see there are so many different shades, colours and formulas to try but I though I would start off with 2 different products. So I am trying the EYE2EYE eye shade and the LIP LIGHT.



So first up is the LIP LIGHT which I have in shade Glinda. Its a beautiful gold metallic shade perfect for the festive season to add a bit of sparkle to your look. You could really wear it standalone as it is on a sheer base or as a lip topper. I can imagine having a nude lipstick underneath and just dabbing a little bit over. When I swatched this product instore I literally had a little product on my finger and the pigmentation and payoff I got was incredible. I think this is just a useful product to have if like me you are constantly going from work to party and don’t have time to completely redo your makeup. 



My next product that I tried is an EYE2EYE shade in Magician. This is a beautiful metallic that instantly screams the perfect smokey eye colour. I  have been converted recently to cream shadows but the colour on this is just perfection. I can already see an easy eye look with this product that will take you minutes. All you would need to do is pop a bit of Magician on the eyelid. Followed be a black winged liner. A spot of mascara and you are done. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. There is a lot of things to love about this product but I think the main thing is just how easy these products are to use.



I think I am going to have to make another trip as I am already in love. Another product that I have heard a lot about is there BFF cream which is meant to be the best thing since sliced bread. 

I have purchased all my items from Fenwick Bond Street and I know they have the website but I would honestly say get down to your nearest store to see the product and play with the textures I fell in love when I saw them and it is now the start of my beautiful collection.


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