Hot Tryst Palette


I am back looking for the latest new product to try out and I have found the most amazing cheek palette from my favourite brand Nars. I must say over the years I have had many palettes from Nars but this by far is the best one I have ever had. First off can we just discuss the packaging. One word…. Stunning!



Next we have to discuss is the product itself. Well the colours are incredible you get four blushes and two highlighting powders.


KINGS ROAD (Opalescent pink)

SWINDLE (Sparkling pale pink)

UNTAMED (Shimmering magenta)

FRICTION (Shimmering taupe)

BOWERY (Shimmering coral)

ADRENALINE (Raspberry with gold shimmer)



I think what makes this a good palette is it is a good mixture of colours. Nothing has glitter but instead you have shimmering colours so they are perfect to wear day to night and very buildable. I have used this palette on Halloween and used the untamed colour to give a bit of colour to my deathly vampire look.


I purchased my palette at Nars Kings Road but you can head to Nars Cosmetics website to purchase your Hot Tryst Palette but be warned it is Limited Edition so buy now before its gone forever.




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