The Ultimate Matte Lipstick

I am always on the look out for new lipsticks and experimenting with colour but I think I have found my true love, my perfect match. I have officially found my soulmate…. of lipsticks. All I need to say is Pat McGrath Matte Trance. Hands down perfection in every single way. First off we have to just take a moment to appreciate the packaging. That alone is a work of art. The unit carton is so beautiful and intricate in its own right that I can’t ever throw this away.

As you unravel the string to open the box you are greeted with the most beautiful component. A slick black with a touch of gold in the shape of a pair of lips. Now you can really understand why these lipsticks are £35. I purchased 3 shades while I was away Elson, Omi and Flesh 5. By far the one that I am currently obsessed with is Elson. It is the perfect red that just suits my skin tone. It is giving Marilyn Monroe vibes and I love. But not only is the colour a work of art but the formula is incredible. Normally with matte lipsticks the formula can be quite drying but not this one. It is super creamy when you apply it and its non drying so you are left with perfect lips every time.

Yes the Pat McGrath range is not cheap however if you are looking for quality, great payoff and colours that withstand the test of time then look no further. I love a good bold lip but if you are more subtle in you lip colour choices they have a great collection of nude colours to suit every complexion. Unfortunately they do not have a store you can purchase them in the UK but the Pat McGrath range is now available at Net-a-Porter Shop Here


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