Nurse Jamie Review

If you have any form of social media you will have seen this little device floating around. So while I was doing a little beauty shopping in Harrods I noticed that they started stocking them there. Now at £55 its not the cheapest of things but I have been so curious to try this and see if it works. Now I’ve been using the Nurse Jamie Uplift for almost 3 weeks and I have noticed a visible difference in the first couple of days. With a busy life and schedule, lack of sleep and everything else my skin was a little dull and a little puffy. But after a couple of uses all the puffiness has gone away and my skin has more of a natural glow about it. The thing I like about it is that it doesn’t require any batteries or charging so its great for travelling or if you are on the go. It is so simple to use simple roll over the desire area about 45 seconds per each area daily and you are done. This is definitely something I am going to incorporate into my daily routine from now on.


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