My favourite eye cream

Skincare is something that is very important to me and now that I am approaching 30 I really want to take the steps to look youthful. As your skin under your eye is the thinest on the face this is the very first area that shows signs of ageing and tiredness. So this is why I want to invest in a great eye cream to start preventing these first signs. Yet again Nars is the brand that I am drawn to for all my skincare needs and the eye cream is no exception. This cream absorbs quickly into your skin to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circle, fine lines and wrinkles. The secret is that the eye cream is enriched with Beech Bud Extract to boost collagen production. Collagen for the skin provides elasticity which helps the skin appear more youthful and healthy. So that is a huge reason why this  is my number one choice for eye cream. I purchased mine at Nars Kings Road Boutique but is available on the Nars website Shop Here


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