Anastasia Beverly Hills – Norvina Palette


I have been in two minds whether to purchase this palette or not. I am a huge Anastasia Beverly Hills fan and Modern Renaissance palette is just a go to palette. The formula is on point and the mixture of shades makes it a perfect all round palette. Fast forward to subculture and its a different story. I was not impressed by that one bit. When Soft Glam came out I was so happy as it was back to the high quality formula that I was so used to. Now the Norvina palette is quite different to the norm. We have seen so many warm tone palettes on the market that its quite refreshing to see something different.



My first impressions of the palette is that it is super powdery. The picture above I took fresh out the box and have not touched any of the pans. But you can see the fallout already. So this is definitely a palette you have to use before applying your foundation as it is just going to be messy. Once you get over the whole fallout situation the palette is quite nice. You have 7 matte shades and 7 shimmer shades which is very cool and you have the opportunity to create multiple looks. I used the colours Soul and Celestial to create my look and to be honest Soul is more of a grey tone purple which I was quite surprised at as I thought it would be more of a lilac. That being said it created a very cool smokey look.


So after trying out a few shades I am a bit on the fence. It was okay nothing special. I think if you have used Modern Renaissance you come to expect perfection and this just doesn’t reach that level. However I really do like the metallics in this palette so I am more inclined to create a new look using mattes from another palette.


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