Ultimate Red Lips

I am such a fan of experimenting with my lip colour but sometimes it is difficult with bold colours to get that precise look. So when I got the opportunity to have my makeup done by the Senior Artist of Nars Vincent Ford the first question I asked was “How do I do a bold lip perfectly”. After looking at a range of colours I decided I wanted a classic Red as I absolutely love when you see Hollywood actress walking the red carpet with there flawless makeup and the bold red lipstick.

So to achieve my bold red lip look I needed a few things. Lining the lips is key but tidying up the look is also key so along with the Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment in Just Push Play (Shop Here) which is gorgeous Vincent also used a Velvet Matte Pencil in Cruella (Shop Here). The secret weapon to completing the look is concealer!!! After applying the lipstick use a concealer and brush to clean up the edges to give a precise look. I used the soft matte concealer (Shop Here) to finish the look.

The trick with the concealer is to apply along the lip line and brush the product in a downwards motions to really sharpen up the line and to give a flawless finish. With red lipstick always make sure you coat the whole lip and that you don’t miss the inner corners of your lips. As you can see below the results of using this pro tip. Flawless lipstick.


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