Nars Skin

Skincare is something really important to me as if the skin is good then what you apply on top of it is going to look good. So finding a good cream that hydrates and restore is top of my list of priorities. Nars is known for great make up but I really didn’t know much about its skincare. I am actually shocked at how good it is. After using it for a week I have noticed visible difference in my skin. The secret is that it contains Beech Bud Extract which boost collagen production which is important to keep your skin plumped and looking youthful. The Luminous Moisture Cream also is alcohol free so it is good for people with sensitive skin.

A tip with this product is that it is very rich so you do not need a huge amount. Just take a small amount and dot it around your face. With moisturiser you really want to massage it into your skin and get the blood flowing under your skin which will give you an instantly glowing look.

You can purchase the Luminous Moisture Cream and Nars Skin Products at Space NK.

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