Soft Glam

Now I am a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills in particular the Modern Renaissance palette. It has to the best eyeshadow palette I have ever owned. So when Anastasia came out with Subculture I was super excited… needless to say I was highly disappointed. It really didn’t live up to the high standard the MR set. So when I saw that Anastasia Beverly Hills was creating another palette I was quite sceptical of how this one was going to turn out based on the disaster Subculture.

Now first impressions on using this palette is that it is a step up on the Subculture. The colours are really pretty and I can see myself creating a mixture of classic natural looks and glam going out look. A little disappointed that some of the shames are repeated (Orange Soda, Dusty Rose, Sienna, Noir, Tempera, Burnt Orange and Cyprus Umber) from previous palettes. So if you have some of the other palettes you might feel a bit cheated as you only get 7 new colours. However if you are new to the Anastasia Beverly Hills game then this collection of colours are really nice.

Shades include:

Tempera (ultra-matte velvety beige)

Glistening (iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect)

Orange Soda (ultra-matte pastel peach)

Rose Pink (rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue)

Sultry (hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown)

Bronze (metallic gold bronze)

Mulberry (ultra-matte mulberry)

Dusty Rose (ultra-matte dusty lilac)

Fairy (multi-imensional light gold)

Burnt Orange (ultra-matte deep orange)

Sienna (ultra-matte earthy brown)

Rustic (ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown)

Cyprus Umber (ultra-matte dark coffee)

Noir (ultra-matte deep carbon black)

The only thing that I don’t like about the palette is that there is a lot of fallout with some of the colours. Not as bad as subculture to be honest but still a bit annoying. The shimmer shades are nice but work better if you wet the brush before applying. Also worth noting that you do get a brush with the set too which is pretty decent so it is perfect set for travelling to have a complete set to create multiple looks.

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