New Perfume…

The weather is finally turning and winter is coming to an end (fingers crossed). So I am excited to switch up some of my beauty products for the Spring/Summer. The one thing I really love to do is switch up my fragrance. I feel like it instantly puts me in the mood for the next season.

I was recently on holiday so had a bit of spare time before my flight to wander around duty free and have a look at some new fragrances. I used to be very set in my ways and never ventured out of the Nina Ricci or Dior perfumes. So now I really want to explore new brands and scents. Back in September I purchased the Hermes Jour d’Hermes Eau de Parfum when I was in Dubai and I absolute love it. It has a floral scent to it. So I was looking for something quite similar but a bit lighter. So that is why Twilly d’Hermes is a perfect addition to my spring collection. Even though it still has a predominantly floral base to it the difference is that it has an added twist of ginger , tuberose and sandalwood which give the fragrances a mix of floral and spicy. It instantly brings your senses to a warm tropical places. Definitely a place a rather be than grey and gloomy London.

Twilly d’Hermes Video


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