Concealer of the moment

I always find it difficult with concealers to find the right shade as a lot of brands release so few shades and label them light, medium, dark etc. They really don’t take into consideration the wide range of skin tones let alone the undertones. So that is why I love Nars so much as they have produced the Radiant Creamy Concealer. There are currently 22 shades available in this range. (However maybe a couple more shades in the dark end of the spectrum would be nice!)

The colour I use is Biscuit and I find it provides me with different levels of coverage when I need it. (Very buildable). What is also great about this concealer is that it is very hydrating so it doesn’t crease when you are wearing it for longer periods of time. I always say purchase your make up in store but if you can’t visit as they have a really good shade guide for you to match your colour.


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