Chantecaille – Vital Essence with Arbutin



Literally living for this right now! I have used Chantecaille products for about 3 years now and I can safely say they are a luxury product that I cannot live without. Previously I have used the Vital Essence and I have loved it but my last visit to Space NK the skincare consultant introduced me to the Vital Essence with Arbutin. The benefits of the 2 products are pretty much the same as they are both rejuvenating serums that reduces blemishes and inflammation. They are both also good for cell renewal so perfect to use after you have exfoliated to put back in all the good stuff.


The difference with this product is the addition of Arbutin, which is a gentle skin brightener that clarifies the complexion and brings a youthful radiance to the surface of your skin. I feel trying out this product that it feels even more hydrating than the regular Vital Essence which is perfect for my skin as I have extremely dry skin. However if you are more oily skin type I am not sure whether this product will be right for you. As I said before this is a luxury product so it doesn’t come cheap but it does last a long time so it is more of an investment product. You can purchase Vital Essence with Arbutin from Space NK for £90.


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