Atelier Rebul


Back in December I had the opportunity to travel to Bruges, Belgium for a quick trip and an opportunity to explore. I came across a very cute little boutique called Atelier Rebul and I instantly fell in love. It has a great deal of history created in 1895 and there unique selling point is blending science and nature to create beautiful products. I am very into Perfumes at the moment so I was drawn to the Jardin Imperial scent that is part of the L’Atelier collection. It has beautiful floral fragrance with a base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and a powdery musk which makes for an interesting twist on the typical floral scents. If you do get a chance to visit Bruges I would recommend popping in and exploring the range of products they have (Just off the main square). If not they do ship to EU countries Atelier Rebul


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