Artis Brush Review


So for the past few years I have been eyeing up the Artis Brush and I have been dreaming of the day that I can add them to my collection. Well the day has come! I have finally took the plunge and bought the Five Brush Set.



Yes I do know they are a luxury product but there are currently promotions running on Harrods So originally you would pay £171 for the set of 5 but for limited time only they are £136.75 (Average of £27.35 per brush).



So out of the whole collection my favourite brush by far is the Oval 6 brush. This is the perfect brush for applying foundation and it makes the process so quick and easy. It is also a really great multi use product due to its size. You can also use it for contouring, highlighting and applying setting powder to name a few. If there is only 1 brush your are going to invest from Artis then this is the one.



I must stress that this is a high end luxury product but if you are serious about makeup and looking for the very best products then this is it. Purchasing the set works out at better value than buying them individually so keep an eye out for the promotions so you can maximise your savings.

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