Brand Spotlight: Rodial

So I got the opportunity to attend the Harvey Nichols x Rodial Glow Day and I am so glad that I did. It was such an amazing event that I got a chance to sit down and just have someone pamper me. So with a glass of bubbly in hand I take a seat and the lovely Gemma starts to access my skin and pick some products for me to try. This year I have really started to look after my skin more so I was interested to look at the skincare more so but as I had the time we went through skincare and makeup and I have to say I am in love with everything I tried out.

So if you keep up to date on instagram you would have seen a few weeks ago Kim Kardashian West using the Dragon Blood lip mask from Rodial and literally now everyone is talking Rodial. But if you take a moment to look into their range of products are phenomenal. This brand is luxury and you are getting products that use unique and innovative ingredients to tackle a wide range of skin concerns.

That being said I mainly suffer with dry skin with a few areas that are oily. So we start off with products from the Dragon’s Blood Collection. First to take off a days worth of make up we use a the Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water. This is really a step up from a normal micellar water as well as it being gentle and hydrating for the skin. The water also contains vitamin B3 which will illuminate and even skin tone.

Now with my dry skin we then dipped into the Bee Venom collection with the cleansing balm. Now this is a real game changer for me. I have never combined to cleansing products before until I came to Rodial and now I am questioning what I have been doing all this time. This balm is especially good for those with a drier skin type. All you need is two pumps of the balm and massage into your dry skin. When you splash your face with warm water the product turns into a milky cleanser and then you can wash off with a muslim cloth and warm water. After just these 2 steps my skin looks and feels instantly hydrated.

I have never seen my skin looking so hydrated and bright so at this point I am excited to try the next product. I tell you that I am not disappointed. This serum is packed full on ingredients designed to help maintain hydration in your skin so your skin is smooth and plumped. Just to name a few of the key ingredients you have: Dragon’s Blood, Hyaluronic Acid, Wheat Proteins, Tetrapeptide-6 but to name a few. Key thing to note when applying the serum is to allow about 30 seconds before moving on to your next skincare step.

Now at this point I am already thinking it doesn’t get any better but then I am introduced to this eye gel and at this point I was ready to hand my credit card over. My under eye have slowly started to become a problem for me with dark circles forming under eye. My  daily routine sees me up some days at 4.30am and not going to sleep till late. So this was a product that I was in desperate need. A little product goes a long way so you are getting great value for your money. The way the product is designed you get no wastage as you literally push down on the top and product dispenses. All you need is to pop it on your ring finger and tap underage from the inner corner of your eye all the way out to your temple. Feels truly amazing.

So after all this skincare I decided to choose my top 3 products that I liked from the evening to come home with me and started using them in my skincare routing right away. Ive noticed a huge difference in my skin and I feel as a result my makeup looks a lot better because it has a well hydrated canvas to work on. I am making my next appointment soon so I can try some more of the makeup products and I can write about them as this trip I was solely concentrating on the skincare but I did get my makeup done with Rodial products and I was pleasantly surprised at the results (See Below).

And yes that is me with the founder of Rodial – Maria Hatzistefanis.


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