I’m addicted… Literally


So when I wrote my last post on Hourglass cosmetics I tried a lipstick called I’m Addicted! Ironic that as I am so addicted to this brand it is not even funny. The fact that is great for sensitive skin and inparticular to those who suffer with eczema it is a no brainer that I am going to try some more products.

So I went back to try the shades of lipstick as I already purchased the Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick in I’m Addicted I was keen to try out some of the bolder colours to see if the colour pay off was just as intense. Let me tell you I am more than just addicted, I’m impressed! The colours I tried were “I Live For” and “One Time”.

I Live for – Vibrant Coral

One Time – Aubergine

Next on my try list was the Veil Mineral Primer. Every time I start researching primers this one is always top of the list and now I can see why. One of these primers is sold every minute around the world which just proves how popular it really is. Where do I even start with what this beauty does. Well, it is formulated to conceal redness in skin (even will conceal rosacea) to even out skin tone.

You also get the added benefits of the primer minimising the look of visible pores, fine lines and imperfections. Another amazing thing about Veil is that it repels water so your makeup looks freshly applied all day. Perfect for those days when you are sweating it out commuting on the trains. As with all of Hourglass products it is made without paragons, fragrance, sulphates to name a few. Also good to note that it is also Vegan friendly too.

So thought it would be good to show you the results of using this makeup. This is me 13 hours after applying the base of Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation stick with Veil Mineral Primer on the face. Topped off with Ambient Lightening Edit – Volume 3. No touch up were done to face during the day. Just lipstick re applied! Are you addicted yet?


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