What about the tall people…

As a tall person of society the struggles are real when it comes to clothing. Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that has an inside leg of longer than 31 inches? it’s like trying to find buried treasure. So when it comes to finding something to wear for an occasion it really is a pure mission to find something. I always find that your opinions are generally limited on the high street unless you have legs for days and can flaunt them. But for the rest of us mere mortals we want something that is stylish, flattering and not too short. The high street is great for catering to the petite ladies with vast ranges  with the proportions perfect but for anyone over 5 foot 9 you really have to hunt and search for something. Last year was perfect because the trend was midi dress and the year before maxi dresses so we kind of had a solution. So this year I was determined to find somewhere to buy a dress that at least was to my knee. 

As it turns out the high street this season is very limited on dresses on the knee and below unless you look to places like Coast and LK Bennett that are really catered to occasion wear. But if you do have the budget for a dress looking at approx £200 + then online is the place to go. Normally I don’t like to buy clothing online unless I have tried it on previously as sizing across different brands can be really different but I visited the brand Elsie Attic online and found it really easy to use and there size guide really does explain each style of dress to make picking your size right the first time easy. So I purchased this beautiful (see picture above) vintage inspired A line rose dress that has a full skirt that would sit just below the knee. Giving the fabric and the construction of the dress you would get great movement from the full skirt and the slim belt just gives you added detail.

They really do have a great range of dresses in the full skirt longer length but also through out the style ranges of starting from the mini dress ranging right down to maxi dresses. The range also caters for petite and plus sizes so there is really something for everyone. If you like a bit of colour this is definitely the place to go with some interesting print options to make you stand out in the crowd.

So in one swift click I purchased the dress and 3 days later it was with me which was so efficient and that is why I am spreading the word as this is going to be my first place I look to buy an outfit for an occasion. Be sure to following me on instagram @style_hunters_uk to see my final outfit pictures next week.

Pink Rose on Cream Audrey Dress – £60 Elsie Attic (www.elsieattic.co.uk)

Mariah Headband in blush – £39 Coast (www.coast-stores.com)

Crew Cardigan in Bright Pink – £25 Oasis (www.oasis-stores.com)

Isidora Fay Shoe in Dusty Pink – £45 Clarks (www.clarks.co.uk)


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