So I met one of my idols….




So yesterday was an interesting day….

I finally managed to get an appointment at the Apple store to get my MacBook fixed which has been on my to do list forever and I made the trek to Regent Street for these super tech wizards to fix my poor baby. Everything about the store just screams coolness. So after patiently waiting my genius returns and tells me that it might be fixed in a few hours so time to wait around for the call.

So what to do when you have a few hours to kill in central london??? Well first I thought a little spot of lunch. So off I wander into Soho until I come across The Diner…. well being half American and still having post holiday blues (I ventured to New York in January) I thought this will be the perfect way to bring back the memories. Well this happened….


Buttermilk pancakes with Maple Syrup…. yummy.

So after the mountain of food it was time to walk it off. So what better way than to browse the most delightful department store known to man… Liberty. So having a look around the beautiful makeup hall which I can’t buy anything (I gave up buying makeup for Lent) I ventured up to the fashion floors. So to my delight while lusting after an Acne jacket I bump into the wonderful Jennifer Hudson. She was so gracious and only spoke briefly as she was in shopping mode but I was in absolute star struck mode.


Shame it was a day that I decided to wear no makeup and I run into my idol but on a plus side my new skincare routine is paying off as my skin has never look so clear. But all in all it was a bloody good day…. and I got my laptop back.



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