The Colour Clash


Sometimes you have to think of yourselves as a blank canvas and just experiment.

I know its scary but you just have to forget the rule book and have some fun. The rules no longer apply… Blue and Green should never be seen…. Is a thing of the past. If you want to wear 4 different colours in your outfit then why not. Fashion is fun and an expression of your personality. The look we have gone for is a vibrant yellow jumpsuit. This is a great base colour to build up the outfit with great choice of accessories. We have shown the look with accessories in various different colours to show you that you can clash your colours. But if you are not as brave then pick one colour and make it your theme throughout. (For example… Khaki. Add a belt, a wedge shoe and a belt in the same colour).

Never fear art is subjective to the eye that views it and fashion is art. So as long as you love what you are wearing it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Jumpsuit –

Sunglasses –

Handbag –

Shoes –

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