The must have accessory for wedding season…

So what is thing that you can wear over and over again and people won’t notice…. The shoe!!!! So this wedding season the absolute must have is the nude shoe. It will go with almost anything and will allow you to really play with colours for your coordinating accessories. So we at Style Hunters UK have come up with the best Budget, Mid range and Designer nude shoe.

I know you could probably find a nude shoe in primark for about £10 but here at Style Hunters UK we are all about quality as well as price. You could buy those shoes for £10 and they break after a few times wearing or you can spend a little more and get something that lasts a bit more.

(Top left) Marks and Spencer £25

(Bottom left) Zara £39.99

(Right) Next £25

Next up is the mid range shoes. These are perfect if you have a little extra cash to spend and these are truly the investment pieces. You can wear these for wedding seasons to come.

(Top left) Russell & Bromley £135

(Bottom left) LK Benett £195

(Right) Carvela by KG £99

Last but no means least is the designer shoe and there really is only one person who does the ultimate nude shoe and that is Christian Louboutin. The best thing about these shoes is that they are made in various shades on the nude spectrum so there is literally something for everyone. Our ultimate favourite.


Christian Louboutin £425


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